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Drug Discovery

We are a group of talented minds to drive next generation pharmaceutical industry through a combination of information technology and laboratory science.


KMAP - Drug-induced Transcriptome Platform

    Drug-induced transcriptome provides rich information on drug mode-of-action (MoA), which reflects genome-wide perturbation on gene expression by drug treatment for both on targets as well as unknown off-targets. Its utility has been demonstrated by identification of drug repositioning (DR) candidates based on Connectivity Map (CMAP, Science 2006), and the subsequently expanded L1000 dataset of LINCS (Cell 2017).

    KMAP is an integrated platform for analyzing drug-induced transcriptome data, which allows comprehensive MoA analyses, and identification of novel indications for a given drug (even failed ones due to insufficient efficacy). Our approach has been successfully applied to discover multiple DR candidates in multiple disease models for brain cancer (PLoS One2006), metastasis (bioRxiv 2019), drug resistance (Mol. Cancer 2018), and other non-cancer models.

Assay Repositioning

    We perform large-scale mining for millions of drug screening or bioassay dataset. As an analogy to drug repositioning (i.e. use existing drug to novel indications), our technology is built on the novel idea of Assay Repositioning, (i.e. use bioassay data for virtual screening for targets other than their original purposes). KaiPharm developed a series of virtual screening technologies (BEAR – Bioactive compound Enrichment by Assay Repositioning, and the related algorithms), and is extending application area to the identification of underlying targets for phenotypic screening (Cheminformatics 2019), and interpretation of drug MoA.


Team Members


Wankyu Kim Ph.D.

· CEO of KaiPharm Co. Ltd.
· Associate Professor in the Dep. of Life Science, Ewha W. Univ.
· Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at Univ. of Cambridge
· B.S./M.S. at Seoul National Univ.

Research and Development

Seungmin Kang Ph.D.

· Director of Research and Development (R&D)
· Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology at Yonsei Univ.

Seunghoon Baek Ph.D.

· Senior Researcher, R&D
· Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at Myongji Univ.

Sera Park Ph.D.

· Senior Researcher, R&D
· Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at Ewha W. Univ.

Kyeongho Min M.S.

· Assistant Research Engineer, R&D
· M.S. in Biochemistry at Dongguk Univ. Biomedi Campus

Jintae Kim M.S.

· Assistant Researcher, R&D
· M.S. in Culture Technology at KAIST

Suji Hong M.S.

· Assistant Researcher, R&D
· M.S. in Pharmacy at Sungkyunkwan Univ.

Taegwan Yun M.S.

· Assistant Researcher, R&D
· M.S. in Medicine at Sungkyunkwan Univ.

Seunghyun Ahn

· Research Engineer, R&D
· Back-end Web Developer

Business Development

Yeajee Kwon Ph.D.

· Director of Business Development
· Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at Ewha W. Univ.

Philseon Yoo

· Assistant Manager, Business Development
· Yeungjin University

ChiHyun Song M.A.

· Assistant Manager, Business Development
· M.A. in Marketing at Sogang University

Advisory Board

Geonwook Kang Ph.D.

· Professor, College of Pharmacy, Seoul National Univ.

Jeonghoon Kim Ph.D. M.D.

· Associate professor, College of Medicine, Seoul National Univ.

Youngik Lim

· Attorney, Chief Lawyer of Intellicon Inc.

Dongseung Seen Ph.D.

· CEO of GPCR Therapeutics Inc.

Hojeong Kwon Ph.D.

· Professor in the Dep. of Biotechnology, Yonsei Univ.



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